Church - Design & Construct

This project's mission was to refresh and refurbish an iconic 1920's brick church into a modern functional space for either private, or commercial use.

The scope of works:

  1. Externally, repaint the dull cream and maroon trims for monument slate grey and white to reinforce the richness of the expanse of classic red brick. Reclaim two double parking bays on the sides of the church, and secure with two heavy solid ceder featured gates with dark grey frames.
  2. The front boundary wall was demolished and was rebuilt with rendered block wall and using the reclaimed existing porphyry stone fence to frame the base of the wall in a random coursed ‘ashlar’ patten.  
  3. Inside, remove all internal partitions, stain and polish the floors, walls painted in heritage white to emphasized the grandeur of the cathedral ceilings. and highlighted with the made made maroccan brass lights. 
  4. Install an open plan bathroom which expands the small floor space into and up the walls.
  5. New simple Kitchen cabinet with laundrette.
  6. The outdoor terrace area, is an elevated herringbone tiled platform, framed in one corner by with a floating seat and multi-cushioned daybed, with a gothic style arching frame, featuring an expansive use of timber strip battens, under a fibreglass back-lit roof providing weather protection and privacy.  


Design: GreenCube Constructions

Constructor: GreenCube 

"the construction knowledge and design expertise of GreenCube's director Gary Breakwell, along with the craftsmanship of his construction team made this one of the most seamless and rewarding projects I have ever undertaken"

- Gabrielle Amies